The Grady Company offers standard and customized programs covering topics such as mastering challenging conversations, collaborative decision-making, delivering difficult news, delivering performance reviews, communicating with customers, managing difficult emotions, and team communication.  Our programs range from small-group tutorials for six or eight participants to multi-day workshops for groups of 100 or more.

Our educational offerings consistently garner top ratings from participants because:

  • We teach practical techniques that participants apply immediately to their own, real-life conversations and conflicts.
  • We appeal to every style of learner by mixing lecture, discussion, experiential learning, role play, case study and demonstration.
  • Our instructors are deeply skilled, flexible, and engaging. Their genuine concern for participants creates a safe learning environment.
  • We continue the learning beyond the classroom.  Group coaching, telephone coaching and email reminders are among the techniques we use to extend the learning that begins in our workshops.

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In our clients' words

I was going to swing by for an hour, get the gist of it, and leave. I stayed all day. This workshop should happen regularly, and be mandatory for all VPs.
WOW. You are open, smart, you connect the dots. Fantastic! One of the best facilitators I’ve encountered.
[The workshop] opened up a new way of thinking for me.
Workshop Participants
Berklee College of Music
[Now I understand] why people get defensive, why people are resistant.
I really enjoyed learning techniques to calm myself down when I’m emotional.
Now I have the tools to verbalize my feelings and needs.
Workshop Participants
American Express
Very Engaging.
No dull moment.
Interesting and provocative exercises.
I am sure you are changing lives.
Workshop Participants