Team Acceleration

We accelerate the performance of teams of all kinds, from existing leadership teams to newly formed project teams.

For new teams
We provide newly formed teams with the foundational elements they need to rapidly achieve high performing status.  These foundational elements include:

  • A shared understanding of:
    • The team’s purpose and goals
    • The relationship of the team’s purpose and goals to organization-level objectives
    • Roles and responsibilities for each team member
    • Behavioral norms that will guide team members’ interactions with one another
  •  Simple tools and methods to:
    • Make smart, timely decisions
    • Manage work efficiently
    • Resolve conflict
    • Hold one another accountable
    • Give and receive feedback
    • Create trust and collaboration

For existing teams
We  transform the performance of existing teams — particularly leadership teams — who are struggling to meet their goals.  Our work is driven by the team’s particular needs, but often includes one or more of the following:

  • Assessment.  We assess the team to determine which foundational elements are present in the team and which are not.
  • Prioritized action plan. Working with the team and its leader, we identify which of the missing elements need to be established first, based on the team’s current goals, business context, and life-cycle stage.  We also help the team create a simple plan to establish the top priority elements.
  • Team development.  We partner with the team and its leader to develop the foundational elements it has identified as top priority, typically tackling one at a time.   The majority of team development is integrated into regularly scheduled team meetings to minimize time away from work.

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In our clients' words

You gave me and my staff a common language and methodology that helped us become better communicators. We’re a much more cohesive working group now. My managers are communicating more effectively with their staffs, and that is impacting the results they get. They’re much more mature when it comes to communicating their expectations, providing feedback and developing their people.

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