Executive Coaching

The Grady Company coaches executives seeking to sharpen their management skills and transform their working relationships. We help our clients understand the impact of their behavior — and words — on those around them. And we work with them to develop effective ways of responding to the situations and people they find most challenging.

Our coaching engagements succeed because we are:


We begin each engagement by working with the client and his or her manager to create very specific coaching goals and an action plan to achieve them.  This ensures that every minute spent in coaching is furthering the objectives of both the organization and the individual.


We gather 360 feedback to provide clients with specific examples of behaviors that others find helpful and harmful.  Clients report that the specificity and candor of this feedback is critical to their ability to develop new skills and behaviors.

Committed to our clients’ success.

We do this work because we care deeply about our clients and their success. Our clients appreciate that commitment and work harder because of it.

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In our clients' words

You have a manner that enables you to get a guy like me, who considers himself to be an expert in other things, to calm down and listen. It takes skill to do that.
Chief Medical Officer
Life Sciences Firm
You’re excellent at taking a situation I am experiencing and putting a label on it so that the light bulb goes on for me and I think, “Ok, now that’s something I can work with.” You’ve helped me understand my own way of operating and the impact it has on others.
Leading Hedge Fund
You had great tactical tips for being a more effective communicator: specific words to use or avoid when communicating on sensitive issues.
Leading Management Consulting Firm
You have an amazing perception of how to coach someone. You identified my development areas and helped me work them without ever making me feel defensive.
Project Manager
Biotechnology Company